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Advisory Board

  • Kennan DeGruccio
  • Skyler Johnson, MD
  • Cheryl Martin
  • Matthew Matasar, MD
  • Martina Murphy, MD
  • Maria Sae-Hau, PhD
  • Lynn Steele, LSW, OSW-C
  • Elisa Weiss, PhD
  • Kevin Wright, PhD

E-Learning Experience Production

  • Jason Dean Arnold, EdD
  • Domenic Durante, MAE
  • Mark Dinsmore
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  • Steven Zill
  • Kayla Sharp

Additional Filming

  • Donald Bruce
  • Michael DeGruccio
  • Zac Miller
  • Sam Palmucci
  • Edwin Swisher

Funding Organizations

  • The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society®
  • The Carolan Research Institute


  • Gregg Jones


  • Peter Coriaty
  • Kennan DeGruccio
  • Eileen DeGruccio
  • Sandra DeLuca
  • Ryan George
  • E. Stanley Richardson
  • Brijen Shah, MD

Voice Actors

  • Rae Bael
  • Courtney Bess
  • Junko Cheng
  • Anurag Gupta
  • Kelly LaBrecque
  • Greg Lincoln
  • Adam Mark
  • Alexis Williams

Students and Trainees in Dr. Bylund's Communication in Healthcare Lab and Dr. Fisher's Family-Health-Lifespan Communication Lab

We dedicate this caregiver program to the memory of Dr. Geraldine Fennell, whose work articulated the importance of effectively developing and delivering tailored support and information to caregivers, especially to subgroups of caregivers with distinct needs.